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Reconnecting your gas hob, or reconnecting your gas cooker?

reconnect gas hob.jpg

Gas Hobs and Gas Cookers are connected in different ways. A Gas Hob is usually connected via a rigid copper connection to the gas pipe, and it should have a gas tap. The gas tap is necessary so that when you reconnect your gas hob, you don't have to turn off the mains gas. However, lots of older installations don't have a gas tap to isolate the gas hob. It's not a problem though, it just means that when your gas hob is reconnected, all your gas appliances will be switched off while the work is completed. 

A gas cooker, on the other hand, is very easy to reconnect, and it can be done by you (the homeowner). This is because most gas cookers have a bayonet fitting, which connects the gas cooker to the mains gas. 

Bayonet fitting for gas cooker.jpg

To remove the fitting, you need to push the hose from the gas cooker up against the wall fitting, and twist it, then pull it out. Sometimes they can be quite stiff, and there is very little play. However, they do come off! To reconnect your new cooker to the bayonet fitting, simply present the fitting to the coupling, push it in and twist it. You will feel that it is seated and there will be no gas supplied unless the connection is good.

The bayonet fitting MUST face the floor, and your gas cooker must have a retaining chain connected. If you are unsure about anything, Gas-It Heating Ltd will of course be happy to help.

If you need to get your gas hob reconnected, prices are around £60, but if you need an isolation 

valve fitting, this will add to the cost.

Aa gas isolation valve can be seen on the right here.

If you have any queries about connecting or disconnecting your gas hob or gas cooker, please feel free to call or email.

Gas inolation valve.jpg
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