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When a boiler service throws up installation problems

Boiler Services should be straightforward and pain free. The cost should be fixed and there should be no surprises. However, as Boiler Service Engineers, we often find instances where the boiler installation is not quite what it should be. Case in point, a recent boiler service in Wokingham showed up 4 installation faults. The worrying thing was that the boiler installation was only done 8 years ago. Gas Safety Legislation has not changed that much in just nine years.

The faults we found were:

1. The flow pipe above the boiler was connected to the copper pipe via a compression nut. This nut was not tight enough so the water leaked out over (we think) a number of years. This dripped through the boiler case and caused it to rush.

2. The condensate pipe terminated half way up the outside wall. This is not allowed.

3. A Magnaclean (a magnetic filter) was fitted horizontally. It should be fitted vertically.

4. There was no earth  bonding on the gas pipe

While none of these faults (apart from number 1) are serious, they all point to a poor installation. The homeowner can decide whether or not to fix these faults before his next annual service, or just leave things as they are, as everything is working correctly. Remedial action will certainly cost large coin, and there would be no real benefit to the customer. 

So when you next get a boiler service prepare yourself that not everything may be rosy! If you rent a property, it would be highly recommended that you rectify any installation problems because if anything goes wrong you would be held responsible. 

If you have a boiler service, ask the engineer if he would recommend anything and if he does make suggestions bare in mind it's not always to extract more money from you! 

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