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Need a new boiler? Why not upgrade?

When it's time to replace your old boiler, you have two choices. Simply replace the old one with a similar new boiler, or take the opportunity to upgrade your system to something that is more efficient. The most common choice is to replace the traditional gravity fed system with an unvented system (pressurised).  the other common scenario is replacing the hot water tank, whether it's pressurised or gravity fed, with a Combi Boiler. We'll discuss the benefits of upgrading below.

Converting a Vented system (Tank in the loft) to an Unvented system                                      

The traditional system of having a water tank in the loft is actually quite disgusting. The water tank is not sealed, so all sorts of debris enters the water tank. Spiders, rats, bugs, and building material falling from the roof. Over the years, mineral deposits from the water build up in the tank. This water is fed to all but the (usually) kitchen tap, so it's used for brushing teeth, probably drinking, and of course bathing and showering. Most people would shudder if they saw what was in the tank.
















If you are replacing your boiler and have a tank in the loft, we would strongly advise you to consider upgrading your system. While not suitable for all installations, moving to a pressurised system is beneficial in two ways. 

- All the waterworks in the loft are removed, creating extra storage space

- Water to the taps is fed via mains pressure

And, as discussed above, there is no open water to attract dirt.





















Water tank in loft.jpg
Components of an unvented system

A new hot water tank would be required, and the existing pipework would have to be re-jigged. While its not a massive undertaking, it would take 2-3 days to do the work. Its an ideal job for the summer. The process is not too disruptive as the new cylinder can easily be swapped with the old water cylinder, ensuring hot water supply is not interrupted.

How much does it cost?

New Boiler - from £800-£2000

A new pressurised cylinder, depending on the capacity, ranges from £400-£1000

Labour to install a new boiler and insalla new cyclinder, re-route the pipework etc, around £1200-£2000.

If you are interested in doing this, please feel free to call us for a no obligation quotation. It's well worthwhile!

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