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Boiler Servicing

Just like your car, your boiler needs to be serviced annually. This is recommended by Gas Safe Regsiter. In addition, getting an annual boiler service ensures that your boiler keeps performing optimally, saving energy and cash. Any small faults can be rectified quickly, before they cause serious damage. Part of the service includes cleaning magnetic filters, checking CO and Smoke alarms, and testing for gas leaks, ventilation etc. All to keep you safe and your boiler in top condition.

If you have recently had a new boiler installed, all the manufacturers warranty's are only valid if you have an annual service. So its well worthwhile. Please call or email to arrange your next boiler service.

Boiler Installations

Boiler Installations

Even if your old boiler is not faulty, its always a good idea to upgrade your existing boiler to a new one.  Simply, new boilers are more energy efficient than old ones. They heat up faster and use less energy. While you are upgrading your boiler, you may consider converting to a Combi Boiler. Doing this frees up the space that your hot water cylinder takes up, and also gets rid of plumbing in your loft. Combi Boilers heat up water on demand, so you never run out of hot water. Gas-It Heating  Ltd can discuss your requirements so that you get the best possible system for your needs.

If you have searched for British Gas New Boiler, why not get a quote from them. Then, call us and will more than likely be able to save you from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds off the cost of a new boiler or replacement boiler. We also install complete new heating systems; perhaps you have a warm air system or Economy 7 Storage heaters you want to replace. You know who to call.

Boiler Servicing

Power Flushing

Power flushing is a great way to clean your central heating system. Using a combination of water pressure and cleaning chemicals, a power flush can restore water flow and revitalise an existing system. With the improved water flow, the heating is more efficient, so saves you money!

If you find that your radiators are getting warm at the top, and are cold on the bottom, it could be that  sludge has accumulated at the bottom of the radiators. A Power flush works to remove this sludge, restoring the water flow.

Sludge and dirt in the heating system can of course damage the boiler (the diameter of the pipes in the boiler are much smaller than the rest of the system), so we strongly advise cleaning (power flushing) your central heating before installing a new boiler. With a clean system, and magnetic filter (like a Magnaclean) and a new boiler, your heating system will work like new!

We use a combination of tools when doing a power flush. The firtst is a power flush macheine, which moves a high volume of water around the heating system. Before the direty water hits the power flush, we install a MagnaCleanse, which is a big magnetic filter. This attracts all the metal particles in the heating system. These two machines, plus system cleaner, combine to make your heating system perform at its best.

Our powerflush serives are provided around Wokingham, Reading, Camberley, Ascot or most places within half an hour of Wokingham. If you want a powerflush done further afield, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

In summary, whether or not your system is performing well, a power flush is an excellent way to help maintain the your heating sytems porformance.

Have a look at our blog post on the benefits of doing a powerflush.

Power Flushing

Hobs, cookers and fires

WeWe accept cash, bank transfers and credit cards 

A well maintained gas appliance benefits you in many ways. Firstly, dirt and grime can cause poor combustion, leading to the production of Carbon Monoxide. Regularly maintaining your appliances means that the risk is kept to a minimum.


Secondly, a more efficient appliance means that less gas is used, saving money. Thirdly, new standards come into play and its worthwhile keeping up to date, so that you stay safe and  current. Get your hob, cooker, gas fire, or back boiler serviced by Gas-it Heating Ltd, servicing Wokingham, Bracknell and Reading. We also install new gas hobs, or connect gas hobs, and can also disconnect gas hobs.


To disconnect a gas hob costs around £50, and to install a new hob is between £60-£100, depending on the pipework required to connect the new gas hob. If you would like a quote to connect your gas hob or cooker, please contact us for a free quote.

Hobs, Cookers, Fires

Landlord Gas Certificates

We provide Landlord Gas Certificates (CP12) to individual landlords and estate agents. We can offer discounted pricing for multiple properties. We also have Landlord Gas Certificate  + service options, to ensure the gas appliances are kept in good working order. We use one of the latest CPA tools on the market, and can email you the combustion performance results for on-line record keeping, all free of charge.


Book your landlords safety inspection now. Just email or text us your details, and we'll get right back to you

What happens when we do a landlord safety inspection? 

The reason for having a landlord safety inspection is to ensure the gas supply and the gas appliances in the property are safe. The first thing that happens is a gas tightness test, which confirms there are no leaks on the installation. Then, each appliance is tested in turn; the boiler ventilation is checked, the flue is checked, the combustion, safety devices etc. The hob is checked for adequate ventilation, safe operation, gas tap for smooth operation, ignition, and again, safety cutoff. Cookers - low flame/high flame and temperature control. Gas fires - ventilation, flame picture, flue etc. 

Landlord Gas Certificates


Boiler Servicing Wokingham


Standard Boiler Service: £80

Boiler + Cooker/Hob Service: £100

Boiler + Cooker/Hob + Fire: £130

Backboiler / Fire: £150

Water Heater: £70

Parts in addition to the prices above.

Boiler Servicing Wokingham

Boiler Replacement/Installation

Straight swap*: £600

New location/changing type: £POA

Power flushing: Please call


* Assumes same location & boiler type.

We accept cash, bank transfers and credit cards 

Boiler Servicing Wokingham

Landlord Safety Certificates

Single premises: £40 (1 Appliance + £10 per additional appliance)


Estate Agents - we have fantastic offers. Please call for more info.

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