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A stitch in time saves nine

A bit of maintenance on your boiler can prevent an expensive boiler repair down the line. We recently attended a boiler breakdown on a Worcester Junior 24i. The problem was diagnosed eventually as a faulty water pressure switch.

What caused this?

Upon arrival at the customers site, the water pressure was down to a 1/4 millibars. The normal water pressure in a pressurised system should be around 1-1.5mbar. We filled the system, reset the boiler (thinking 'that was an easy job!), and waited. The boiler immediately went to lockout. After trying various things, the boiler started when the water pressure switch was bypassed.

A replacement water pressure switch was installed, the boiler fired up and happy days. Happy customer.

Not a happy landlord!

Gas-It Heating did the job on behalf of a property management company. This company charges £145 per hour. The diagnosis and repair took two hours. The part was just shy of £70. The landlord will be getting a bill for £360.

If the water pressure had just been maintained, the pressure would not have dropped to the point that the boiler cut out because the water pressure switch was activated.

The water pressure switch should be able to work again after the system is pressurised but to quote the guys from Worcester 'oh yea, those switches are a bit sensitive'.

So people, check your systems - don't let things clog up, keep the water topped up, make sure you have inhibitor. A bit of care annually, by you or us can save a fortune down the line.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.

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