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Do you love paying over the odds?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

British Gas advertise a lot for replacement boilers. If you want to get your boiler replaced, they will most certainly be the first company you will call. But, because of there vast network, massive infrastructure and large overheads, British Gas new boilers are of the most expensive in the market.

Often, when we attend a property and are chatting to the homeowner, we're astounded at the prices British Gas charge.

For a simple like for like boiler replacement, British Gas charge more than double what we would change. One could argue that for 'peace of mind', paying British Gas is worth it. But, they have to use Gas Safe registered installers to install their boilers. What is the difference between a British Gas Gas Safe installer, and a Gas Safe Installer? Nothing much. They are both qualified to do the job. So why are you paying more than twice as much for your new boiler? Questions need to be asked!

Get your boiler serviced in Wokingham
Boiler service in wokingham

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