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Things come in threes

We've recently been asked to service a warm air heating system, and by another customer, to replace his warm air heating system. All within the same week. Before this, its been many months since anyone has mentioned 'warm air heating!' Life often goes like that.

In any case, we were unable to assist with the warm air heating service, but we are working on a big job replacing a warm air heating system in a 4 bedroom house. Its a pretty big job as all the new heating and hot water pipes need to be run, we're installing a new boiler, a new water cylinder and an accumulator (an additional tank to maintain pressure in times of high demand. Saves having a noisy pump). Chasing walls, lifting floorboards etc. However, the customer is due to retire soon and has found it difficult to get parts and a service done on his warm air heating, so he has opted for a new heating system, which should last him well into retirement. The boiler is a Worcester Bosch system boiler, 30kw, which should more than suffice in keeping the household warm and toasty.

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