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Who uses Economy 7?

We're currently installing a complete new heating system in Finchampstead. The one bed house had no gas, so after about 10 hours of calls to British Gas, they eventually managed to put in a meter. Who doesn't love British Gas?

We then planned the most efficient way of running the radiator pipes, gas pipe and a suitable location for the boiler.

All is now going according to plan; tomorrow is the big day, where we can test the whole setup. We've had to put a flue through the roof, as the boiler is located in the loft (small house and not a lot of space for another appliance in the kitchen or lounge). The problem we had here is that the roof is so steep, we've had to find another suitable ladder, to get up to where the flue will go.

That aside, we just have a few more pipes to connect then the new central heating system and combi boiler should be ready to go.

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